Allergies in pets – FAQS

Can my pet’s allergies be cured? Cured may not be the correct word. As with humans, sometimes the best we can do is manage allergies & greatly improve the quality of life of the patient. We strive to cure, but with allergies, sometimes this is not attainable.

Before I make an appointment with my DVM, anything I can do for my allergic pet? Yes, one allergist refers to long hair as “the dust mop effect”. So, keeping your pet’s hair trimmed short will not allow as many allergens to stick to your pet. Along this line, keep your pet out of the grass as much as possible. You might consider walking your pet on the sidewalk or bike path instead of the grass. Another trick is to wipe your pet with a damp cloth frequently. This will help by again eliminating allergens that can stick to the pet’s coat & skin. This is especially helpful after the last trip outside at night.

What about Benedryl? We often include benedryl in our treatment plans. However, you should first check with your DVM before giving it to your pet. As with all medications, dosing & safety are key.

Anything new available for allergic pets? Yes! Some new weapons have been added to our arsenal. One of them is a new class of drug called a monoclonal antibody. These drugs take a radically different approach to dealing with allergies & show great promise for many of our furry patients?

What can I do? Make an appointment with your DVM. Hopefully your DVM has a special interest in dermatology. If not, ask around, make some phone calls & find that Doctor with a special interest. Help is out there.

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