Client Education


At Hawthorne Animal Hospital, we feel it is important to have well informed clients.  In the age of “Dr. Google”, there are hundreds of sites out there dedicated to pet care, some are from trusted sources and some are not.  We want to provide you with links to RELIABLE websites and articles that will give our clients additional information about diseases, conditions and products.

We also have printable informational documents (pdfs) on several conditions, treatments and training topics from chiropractic care to puppy proofing your house.


Click on the links below to print out Hawthorne’s informational documents (pdfs) on the listed subjects. Documents are also listed on the services pages for easy reference.
Arthritis Care
Arthroscopic surgery
Checking you pet’s blood glucose at home
Common hazardous items for pets
CIV, What is it and how can I protect my canine?
Diabetic care and your pet
Dental-Brushing your dog’s teeth
Dental-Brushing your cat’s teeth
Fleas and you pet
FIV, What is it and how do I protect my pet?
FELV, What is it and how do I protect my cat?
Food Allergy Trial
Gastric dialation- What is it and how can I prevent it in my canine?
Heartworm disease and your canine
How to clean your pet’s ears
Kitten play & aggression
Laser therapy treatments
Minimally invasive surgery- Laparoscopy
Mobile vet service
Neutering your pet- Canines

Neutering your pet- Felines
Non toxic plant list
Obesity and your pet
Pet food myths
Platelet rich plasma
Puppy play & dominance
Puppy proofing your home
Potty & crate training your puppy
Rehabilitation therapy for pets
Reptile care
Safe medication disposal 
Setting up your cat’s litterbox
De-skunking your pet bath recipe

Spay- Canine FAQ 
Spay- Feline FAQ
Transitioning your pet’s food
The scoop on poop 
Toxic plants for pets

Visit these RELIABLE websites and articles for additional information about diseases, conditions and products:

Pet Safety Checklist- Red Cross

Disaster Preparedness- FEMA

Animal Poison Control Center

Caring for an Older Pet- AVMA

TreeHouse Wildlife Center

Medical Conditions and General Care Sites

Visit these sites for more information on intestinal parasites and zoonotic diseases:

Companion Animal Parasite Council

U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institute for Health

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)