Laboratory Services

microscopeHawthorne offers an array of diagnostic lab panels to help keep your pet healthy. From basic health screens to complex timed tests, our veterinarians work with Advanced Veterinary Laboratory in St. Louis to ensure our lab work is picked up frequently so we can get results to our owners as fast as possible. Send out tests can include:
Heartworm Testing, Early Detection Panels (CBC, Chem 20, Thyroid and Heartworm Test), Senior Testing Panel (EDP with Urinalysis), Renal panels, Bile Acids, Phenobarbital levels, Hepatic panels, Low Dose Dex testing, ACTH Stem testing, Urinalysis and Cultures, Stone Analysis, Histopaths, Fecal Testing, and vaccination titers


In addition to send out service, Hawthorne also provides in house lab services at our Glen Carbon, Greenville and Troy locations.  By running these tests in house, we can get rapid results and begin life-saving treatments faster than we could with sending out samples. In house blood tests we offer are:

Parvo Virus, Felv/FIV, Heartworm, Blood Glucose, Giardia, CPL, Chem 10, CBC, Clotting Times, Thyroid Levels,
Electrolytes, Fecal Occult Blood, Gram Stains, PCVs, 4Dx (heartworm, lyme, ehrlichia,
Urine Specific Gravity, Urine Dip Stick, Urine Sediment Analysis, and Ethylene Glycol Testing


Other in house lab services include ear cytology, which help identify bacteria, mites and yeast in ear infections. In house cytology can also be performed on masses that are suspect. This fluid analysis can help diagnose lipomas, tumors, cysts or infectious masses.