Mobile Vet Service

As many pet owners know, cats and dogs are not always cooperative when trying to get them in the car and to the vet’s office for routine wellness care.  Cats can stress very easily and will hide at the mere glance of a carrier.  Canines can be hard to load in a car, especially if they are arthritic or geriatric.  And once in the car, many still face car sickness, excessive panting and even collapse.

Hawthorne Animal Hospital wanted to address this growing concern so Dr. Ellen Helmers developed the Hawthorne Home Care Mobile Vet.  The mobile vet can provide routine wellness and minor illness care for your cat or dog in the comfort of your own home.  By keeping pets in their comfort zone, stress and anxiety are at a minimum, thus making exams easier on the pet, vet and the owner.  No more wrestling with cats in carriers.  No more lifting large dogs in to the back of a car.  Multiple pet household?  Get all your pets’ exams and vaccines in one easy visit.

Services provided by the mobile vet are: wellness exams, vaccines, routine lab work, minor illnesses, blood pressures, glaucoma screenings, hospice care and at home euthanasia.  Other services can be scheduled pending doctor approval.

Our mission has always been to provide exceptional care of pets.  Hawthorne now can expand on that mission by providing high quality veterinary care for your pet in the most relaxed, calm environment; your home.  Call us at 618/288-3971 for service details.