Low Cost Spay/Neuter Packages

Simplifying Service

In an effort to help curb veterinarian costs for basic services, we offer low cost spay neuter surgeries at our Troy location.  Our affordable spay and neuter packages offer safe anesthesia, temperature regulation, constant patient monitoring and sterile surgery by our licensed veterinarian at a reasonable price.

troy surgerycssx Call your desired location for package details and specific pricing.

Note: Home Again microchip; vaccines; post-operative pain medication; IV fluids; pre-operative blood, urine, and stool testing; and any other services are available at an additional cost. Our staff will discuss what treatments, if any, are needed for your pet.

These basic care packages are ONLY offered at our Troy location. Surgery days vary by location, call for details. All patients admitted to our offices for these low-cost procedures must be current on all core vaccines {rabies, FVRP(feline) or DHPP (K9)}. We will accept your referring veterinarian receipt, records or rabies certificate as proof of these vaccinations.

If you have additional questions regarding these low-cost services, please contact them at:

Troy 618/667-4900