The Tale of Franny the Flea and Tammy the Tapeworm



One day, Franny the Flea decided to hop a ride on Cuddly-Cute the Canine cutting through the park. Unfortunately, this delightful doggie’s owner didn’t protect her with a monthly flea medication. Franny found her new home quite comfy and began to produce her babies (40-50 eggs per day). As her eggs began to grow and hatch, poor Cuddly-Cute began to itch and scratch. She wasn’t so cuddly-cute with her mussing and fussing. Then one day while she chewed and stewed, she ingested one of those fickle fleas. Several weeks later, Cuddly-Cute’s owner noticed dry rice-like segments on Cuddly’s cushy-tushy. Tammy the Tapeworm had emerged! Oh-no! What’s a canine to do?

Luckily, Cuddly-Cute’s owner decided enough was enough and took her to her to see Dr. Hawthorne. Dr. Hawthorne diagnosed Cuddly-Cute with tapeworms and fleas. Tapeworms and fleas are the best of friends. Tapeworm toddlers (cysticercoids) think adult fleas are the best and they love to hitch rides with them into the unsuspecting systems of alluring animals. These temperamental tapes like to absorb the nice nutrients of their trusting hosts, thus causing turmoil in tummies and intestines. Fortunately for Cuddly, Dr. Hawthorne knew the answer. He prescribed a de-wormer to take care of the current infection and started Cuddly on monthly heartworm/intestinal parasite/flea prevention combo medication.

Soon, Franny the Flea and Tammy the Tapeworm had to say goodbye to Cuddly-Cute. Cuddly-Cute thanked her owner with many happily ever after yips and yipes.

And thus,we learn the moral of our “tail”, to keep you pets happy and healthy and prevent pesky pests, use flea prevention or better yet, a combo heartworm/flea medication, every month, for the life of your pet. Or Franny the Flea and her friend Tammy the Tapeworm may come for a visit!

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