Hawthorne Troy Dog Park

TroyDogSportsPark troy dog park gazebo

Our Hawthorne Troy Dog Park offers a safely fenced 1.5 acre site to run and exercise your dog off leash. Dog watering stations are available, as well as pools and a shaded gazebo.  Toys and some agility equipment are also on site.

To have unlimited access to the park, you need to register for our Park Perks Program.  This program is free to current Hawthorne clients.  Non-Hawthorne clients can join for a nominal monthly fee.  Once a member, you will be given the access code for the gate, which is changed quarterly for our clients’ and their pets’ safety.  For program details or more information about our Troy Dog Park, contact our staff at the Troy location at 618-667-4900.

Troy Dog Park Rules
Human Rules
• Use at your own risk. Owners are legally responsible for the actions and behaviors of their dogs at all times.
• Dog waste must be cleaned up immediately by the dogs’ owner. Dog waste bags are available at the entrance of the park.
• Owners must be within the dog park and supervising their dogs at all times with leash readily available. Limit three dogs and/or children per handler per visit.
• All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
• No people allowed on the agility equipment.
• Do not enter the double gate “transition area” if there is already someone in that area. This will minimize the possibility of both gates being open at the same time.
• No bare feet: some types of intestinal parasites can enter your body through your skin.
• No smoking. Nicotine is toxic to pets. Please deposit cigarette butts into the receptacle.

Dog Rules
• Dogs must remained leashed at all times when outside the dog park.
• No aggressive dogs allowed. Aggressive dogs must be leashed and removed immediately.
• Dogs in heat and puppies under 3 months of age not allowed.
• Dogs should be up to date on vaccines and be using parasite prevention regularly. No dogs allowed without proof of rabies vaccines.
• Owners should fill in any holes their dog has created.
• No animals other than dogs are permitted in the dog park.